"Increase Sale with Cashless Solution"

Cashless Vending and Telemetry System

Cashless Telemetry System

Smart vending management system from our partner, NAYAX, the world leader in Smart Vending and Cashless Payment System.

For all unattended machines

Install with any type of kiosk that wants to accept payments. whether it is a vending machine Coin-operated washing machines or coffee machines

QR Code Payment

Support QR code: PromptPay, TrueMoney, Wechat/Alipay

Cards Payment

Accepting payment by card in various forms. From credit/debit cards or membership cards that customers can create and use themselves in our system

Sales Report

Real-time sales reports, sales summary, including sales analysis with Business Intelligent (BI) system.

Machine Status Report

Check your device’s status easily and quickly via the app or with the notification system. This allows you to recognize and resolve problems immediately.

Touchless Vending

Payment system via mobile application without having to touch the front of the kiosk. Increased safety and hygiene for today’s use.

" Plug and Play with almost all Vending Machines"


" Manage everything on your mobile"

Install a mobile app for the vending machine attendant. To track profits and cabinet performance from various mobile devices. The new easy-to-use app is compatible with all smartphones and tablets. Help operators achieve their goals of managing vending machines quickly and easily. while reducing operating costs It’s an efficient way for technicians to access the information they need about their cabinets. Complete maintenance tasks at your fingertips.