About Us

“INBOX” The Complete Service for Vending Business
With expertise of vending business in Suvarnabhumi Airport, we introduced vending machines to Thai retail market. By selecting a variety of automatic vending machine to suit various types of products and needs as well as providing advice to investors and becoming partner with with Thai SMEs, we want every product to be able to build a brand and reach consumers directly through modern automated stores.
Vending Machine Service at SVB Airport
IOT & Cashless Payment ครั้งแรกในไทย
ตัวแทน NAYAX ในไทย
INBOX Corporation was established by Vichit Sachathamarat and Sorawut Vongpanich on 2014. They started off as a small retail business that manage snacks and drinks for the the vending machine in Suvarnabhumi Airport. With all the experience with the vending business, INBOX Corporation started its own “Full-function vending business” which includes selling vending machines, managing products in the machine, and selling cashless payment and management system.
Enhance Retail Business In Thailand With “Smart Vending Technology”
The goal that INBOX Corporation has always set is to provide entrepreneurs a chance to start a new business with lower cost and easier maintenance. This is because we want to give everyone an opportunity to establish a stable, easy-to-invest, and fast return-on-investment business.
Using vending machine does not only reduced the cost of hiring workers, but also create sale opportunity 24/7. We look forward to moving our vending business in tandem with today’s fast-paced technology to support the needs of consumers in all channels especially online payment channels that every business in this era should have. Therefore, we have partnered with Nayax, a global fintech company, which is a manufacturer and provider of online management systems that are stable and efficient. This will help drive INBOX Corporation to score the goals.